Detailing Car

Detailing Car

Detailing Car

Car detailing, car care, degreasers, etc.

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Iron Free

It decontaminates delicate paint, plastic, chrome, glass and alloy wheels.

27.90 € *
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It repels water, dissipates static electricity and adds protection to the finish. Leave a spectacular shine on any surface.

18.90 € *
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Cleaner rubber-metal wheels

BRIGHT cleaner, is an organic salt with low PH, removes grease, dirt, oxidation outside and dust from brakes to be depsoita in metal and other surfaces.

15.50 € *
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Cleaner and desengrasate concrentrado water base. Dilute with water and is applicable in a wide variety of surfaces.

12.50 € *
In stock

NANO SHOCK protective lubricant

Protective lubricant, lubricates and seals the paint while working with the AUTOSCRUB disk. Smooth surface, repels water, enhances shine, static dissipative, adds additional protection.

17.50 € *
In stock

Plastic renovator

Its VOC formula base water is very active and get incredible sheen. Provides powerful protection against UV rays and repels water even after cleaning the car.

25.90 € *
In stock

Leather Restorer

Cleaner and conditioner skin, leather and vinyl that acts in a single step. Its exclusive absorption of UV rays protects against premature aging and damage from UV rays.

22.90 € *
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